Communicate Less

I just ran across this post on how we need to communicate less…. not more! I see this with the organizations I work with over and over again. The number one organizational complaint is… “We don’t communicate enough!” David Woods does a great job of explaining what this really means.


I work with a large variety of CEOs, senior managers and key employees. If I ask about the needs and issues within the company, I almost always get the same response…”We need more communication.”

My reaction to that is that it is simply, WRONG!

Companies don’t need more communication. They need more clarity.

Clarity of the vision of the company.
Clarity of where the company is going (long term and short term).
Clarity of HOW the company will get there.
Clarity of individual roles and how those roles create value toward the vision.
Clarity of how roles must intertwine in order to achieve extraordinary results.
Clarity of how the company will hold itself and each individual accountable.
Think about a great basketball team. When things run smoothly within a team they find that less communication is needed, not more. When the team is really “in the zone” and everything is going perfectly, what is the coach doing? Very little! He’s not yelling, or sending in new plays or screaming at the assistant coaches. He’s letting the team perform at its peak level… because of their clarity of purpose.

The point is, when managers and employees have clarity of where they are going and how to get there they need less communication, not more.

Great teams don’t usually talk in paragraphs or even sentences to communicate. They are so in-tune with one another they talk in just few words and eye-contact. They have so much clarity of purpose among them that they require less communication, not more.

The next time someone in your company pushes for more communication, remember, “Don’t strive for more communication. Strive for more clarity!”

Written by David Woods


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