Hi Tech, Hi Touch

“As we become more hi tech we will need to become more hi touch.” Sam Sikes, experiential learning author and facilitator, told this to a group he was working with years ago. At that time email was just becoming common in businesses, cell phones were huge with visible antennas, texting and social media weren’t invented yet, and Apple was still a floundering computer company daily losing market share to Microsoft. Sam’s words are more true today than they were then. Emotional Intelligence, Situational Leadership, Customer Service, Sensitivity training are all popular topics in the business world today. Our youngest workers are more comfortable communicating via technology than face-to-face. So what are the implications of this? If we keep moving toward greater reliance on technology at our current exponential speed without equally valuing the softer side of business what does that say about we truly value. We must continue focusing on the quality of our communication and not just the quantity or method of delivery.


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