Loving Leadership

Often times when working with clients I’ve mentioned that good leaders need to “love” the people they lead. This often is followed by strange looks or comments. I then go on to explain… The ultimate in leadership is selflessly serving those you’re leading in order to make them as successful as they can be. Yes, there’s accountability, there’s correction and discipline. Sometimes there’s even letting people go. But aren’t these also what we do with our own children? Even tough love is ultimately because we love them. Being a selfless leader is so much easier if you truly care about the people you lead. I know, I know… but what about those “unloveable” people. Everybody has that one employee who is just unloveable. I get it. If you have kids you know that their behavior can also be unloveable at times, but that never stops you from loving them. You may be unhappy with their current decisions, but it doesn’t affect your love for them. Employees are the same in many ways. The favor they have with you often does depend upon how well they consistently perform or how trustworthy they’ve shown themselves. Let’s face it, we DO have favorites (at least at work). However, everybody has good qualities if you dig deep enough. Mine those qualities and keep them as your focus… especially when they do some bone-headed thing that may tempt you to write them off. Keep working with them, keep focusing on the gold within them. It may be hard, but that’s what you do. You love them as you lead them. You provide loving leadership. And soon you’ll be loving leadership.


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