New Year’s Day weekend!


Happy Labor Day!! Yes, the famous weekend is upon us. And for me it always feels more like “the new year” for my business than January 1. Maybe it’s because I started Focal Point Consulting in August 6 years ago. Maybe it’s because it marks the unofficial end of summer. (Which for those of us with home offices and school-aged children means we get our ‘quiet’ back!) However, I think the real reason it feels like a new year is that our whole world still revolves around the academic calendar. The Fall semester always marks a new academic year. Younger students look forward to a new year at school, seeing their friends, showing off their new clothes & backpacks. High school students look forward to a year closer to freedom from home. College students look forward to a year closer to freedom from studying or their first “real” job. The business world is right there with them. We look forward to a new opportunities, a fresh start into this year’s holiday season, and even changes in the weather. Of course the biggest reason, especially for this part of the world, is of course, FOOTBALL. That’s right… it’s football season again… the beginning of a NEW YEAR of college football. You can feel the electricity in the air. So enjoy the weekend, tailgaters. Work will wait until Tuesday!


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