New Years Questions

The beginning of the new year is the natural time to set new resolutions or goals. It just makes sense to ponder the past year and plan for the new year during this season. Karlin Sloan in a recent blog lists five good questions for you to ponder in January.

1.) What can you stop doing this year? Who can help take things off of your plate? How can you develop those around you to take on what you shouldn’t be doing anymore?
2.) Who do you want to spend more time with? Leaders often spend a lot of time with people who drain their energy. Who adds to your life force? How can you make time with that person?
3.) How are you contributing your greatest strengths to your organization? What talents and skills are going unused? What strengths are you using too much?
4.) What practices help you to stay grounded and clearheaded? How can you make space for what re-energizes and envigorates you?
5.) Do your team members feel engaged and appreciated? One great new year’s practice is to send a hand-written note to each of your direct reports thanking them for their contributions in 2010, and asking for their help to make 2011 great.

I encourage you to take some time this month and answer these questions as you plan for a wonderful 2011!


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