Serve to Lead


The Four Questions….

1. Who are you serving?
2. How can you best serve?
3. Are you making your unique contribution?
4. Are you getting better every day?

These four questions are the heart of a new book I’m reading called “Serve to Lead” by James M. Strock. The book basically acts as a field manual for those in leadership positions or for those wanting to hone their skill as leaders. I especially love that first question… “Who are you serving?” If we would only get in the habit of asking ourselves this question throughout each day it would transform the way we see people at work. It would transform the way we look at our role at work. And, the steady application of asking this question and making slight alignments throughout the day would transform the wave we live our lives.

The funny thing is that many of us already know that we SHOULD serve others throughout the day. Then why don’t we do it? I love this quote from the book…

“Men more frequently require to be reminded rather than informed.” – Samuel Johnson

This is so true. A big part of coaching the leaders I work with is just that… reminding them to do what they know they should do. In fact, I’ve had leaders come back a year or two later after we completed our coaching to “want more.” Most have said the reason was that the weekly accountability (just simply knowing that someone would ask them about issues they were working on) made all the difference in their overall effectiveness as a leader. The job of a good coach then is to help “remind” them of what they already know to do. Once they’ve discovered what needs to change in their lives the coach’s job then is to simply “remind” them of the path they already determined that they should be on.

Well done, James Strock. Enjoying your book!


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