In the 9+ months that I have worked with Jim, he has helped me tremendously in making the transition to managing three separate work teams. As a first-time manager for 12 people, I am glad I had Jim help me navigate the various issues that every manager has to deal with. His techniques are not only easy to implement but more importantly gets results! Jim is easy to work with and makes him available via email.

Nish Dagli, Director of Support Services, PCI.

Jim Friedemann is a dynamic trainer whose genuine interest in helping class participants makes his learning experiences fun as well as educational. Participating in Jim’s training provided our staff new skills, but perhaps more importantly, infused new energy and enthusiasm for the work that we do. Jim customized the training for the unique makeup/experience of our group, which was a definite bonus.

Jane Sutter, Director of Intergovernmental Services, Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG)

I would like to thank you again for allowing me to participate in the management coaching program.  This has been a tremendous experience and to be honest, I wish I could continue.  This program allows a person to develop the most productive management style for their personality. I thoroughly believe any manager can improve his or her management style through coaching and would strongly urge any person currently in management to participate in a program like this one.

Dennis Haskins, Director of Corporate Security, Astellas Pharma Technologies

Jim Friedemann is an outstanding coach with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Greg Collier, Defense Ammunition Center

I have used Jim with Focal Point Consulting several times for corporate/military leadership training programs. He is an excellent trainer and easy to work with in all aspects. He spends time trying to tailor all programs to the needs of my clients and has received an excellent rating from all students in the classes he has held for me. His experience and easy nature has been well received by all.

Dianna Thompson, Business Development Coordinator, Southwest Technology Center

Great program. Jim allowed me to guide the program from the standard format into whatever issues or type of support or discussions I felt I needed during each session. Very worthwhile endeavor.

Farron Dodd, Director of Engineering, Astellas Pharma Technologies

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I began my coaching sessions with Jim.  I knew that I wanted to improve my managerial skills and work habits.  Through my sessions with Jim, I discovered a lot about my work personality, my strengths and weaknesses, and my work relationships.  With his help, I established a goal that would improve my personal life and my career.  Jim helped me to devise a plan to reach that goal, and he encouraged me to continually focus on that goal so that I was always moving towards it.  While I could have reached that goal myself, it probably would have taken me much longer without his guidance and support. On a personal level, Jim is warm, upbeat, and has a great sense of humor.  While he was a lot of fun to meet with, he was always professional, punctual, and prepared.  He provided appropriate articles and sources of information for my needs.  I left each session feeling very positive and confident.

Mary Gilkison, Manager, The Benham Companies, Inc.