Who Are You?

Who_Are_You_album_coverAs I type this I can’t help but hear Who Are You by The Who playing in my head. That song is an ear worm! I’d heard this song recently, and it stayed with me for days. It does what any well crafted song does… it stays with you (even when you don’t want it to). The song asks this basic question over and over again… Who are you? As the chorus rang through through my ears I began pondering the question. Who am I? I mean really… who AM I? Am I the person I thought I’d be? The beginning of a new year is an obvious time to reflect on your life. People make all kinds of resolutions about weight loss, kicking habits, etc. And those are all fine, but why is it that most people just end up a year later in the same place they were in the previous year? They start out with such good intentions and resolute strength yet still fail. Could it be that even though they may really want to change who they are… they actually can’t? I know this goes against an entire genre of self-help books, but what if our problem is fundamentally our identity? Who we are. What we tell ourselves each day (our self talk) is who we become. And if we identify as a fat guy, a smoker, a drinker, short-fused, impatient, etc. then a self-fulfilling prophecy will kick in. We are what we think! What we focus upon is what we get. Changing our identity is actually much more foundational and has a much higher success rate for true long-lasting change. When those wanting to lose weight start identifying as a thin person then they start losing weight. “Thin guys don’t eat that.” When an angry person begins to identify as gentle or kind then they behave that way. When we choose to believe that our true identify can be different then we can change. When we embrace our true identity as kind, loving, self-disciplined, joyful, peaceful, patient, gentle, healthy, well-balanced, and others-focused or whatever you want to be then we become that. Self talk is powerful. We become what we continually think about. So this year I’m going to work on how I think. I’m going to choose to embrace my higher identity and not just my heritage or personality or past failures. As I think, I will become. I’m going to continue to ask the question… Who are you? I’m going to embrace my new identify and become that coming year.



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